Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I canceled cable TV and lived to tell the tale

My Dish service was really beginning to piss me off. We barely even saw each other, except for the bill every month. My eye began to wander. Our relationship had certainly been unsatisfying, for me, anyway. It didn't seem to care.

Take take take, and eventually I had grown tired of its old face.

So I broke up with Dish. Kaput. Be gone. Hit the road, Jack. No, we cannot be friends.

To cancel Dish, you have to call, and they send you boxes to return your receivers and remotes. They leave the actual satellite dish on your house, with its wiring. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 


I'll tell you. 

First, I got two Roku wireless receivers, to connect my TVs to my internet connection. I use them for Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many other options which I have not even explored yet. IT IS AWESOMESAUCE. And a hellova lot cheaper than my damn Dish subscription. 

NEXT, I found out about Dick's Antennas from Yelp. This person has been hooking up digital house antennas for years, even before he retired from Santa Clara County Fire District. I am now the proud owner of a digital antenna and I get all the local channels for FREE.   FOR FREE I TELL YOU!

I get ABC, CBS, NBC, two PBS channels, ION TV, and more than I'll ever explore. Dick hooked up my digital antenna to my existing Dish wiring. Parts and labor were under $300 and it will pay for itself in less than three months. I RULE! 

My new BBQ grill

Dick even took the time to configure my TV to find the digital channels and explained the format of digital channels, etc. He told a couple of good jokes and even my dog liked him. He was on time, and has a five star rating at Yelp, for good reason.


Anonymous said...

Anyone please know Dick's email address, I would like to get/send installation info.

I appreciate it.


Sharondippity Dot Com said...

He doesn't do email. All his info is on the Yelp page I linked to.

Good luck-

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