My Biorb cleaning routine

 These round aquariums are so pretty to look at, but the under gravel filter is insufficient. Here's how I've handled keeping them pristine. 

First, I find that neon tetras are a clean fish.

Weekly, I do a 1 1/2 gallon water change for the 30ml tank. Then, with hot tap water I take out the decorations and rinse them. 

I then fill the tank with treated water. Once full, I siphon the tank water into a 1 gallon pitcher.

After I siphon one gallon, I pour it through a sieve that holds a coffee filter back into the tank.

I siphon another gallon into the pitcher. I replace the decorations before pouring the gallon back, again through a sieve holding a new coffee filter.

I placed the tank near my kitchen sink which makes this process easy. 

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