Saturday, July 29, 2017

Van der Spek Tortora Croco Standaard with Franklin Covey Compact inserts

I just received this new-to-me planner from the Van Der Spek Sales group on Facebook and it is perfect for my Franklin Covey compact sized inserts, which you must know by now I am very fond of.

The color is Tortora and is challenging to capture in a photo. It definitely has brown in it, but it also has a hint of mauve.

It is not overly floppy like the Menthe Touch Me I have if that is a concern you have. It has great flatability without being floppy.

Here's a shot to show its nice sheen

This photo shows its ever-so-slight hint of mauve in this brown

Here's the top view

bottom view

here you can see how the tabs , the closure and pen fit with room to spare

inside front pockets

inside back pockets

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Van der Spek Junior in old stock Touch Me leather as a wallet

I bought this directly from Van der Spek a couple of months ago, and for awhile I was using it as my personal planner. Since I recently combined both my work and personal planning systems into one planner, I'm using this junior (Filofax pocket equivalent) as a wallet and card carrier, plus it holds my phone
It's very flexible, so it can actually hold my giant phone in it

since I have a case with a rubberized bumper, it does not slide out

top view- the color shown is not accurate

this shows the color more accurately, and see how it opens completely flat

Monday, May 8, 2017

Franklin Covey Compact sized inserts in a Van der Spek standaard

This photo captures its true color (menthe) better than the following photos

profile view - I have only one slim pen in the two pen loops

top view

bottom view

SUPER floppy

I mean SUPER SUPER floppy

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