Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning house and icing my back. One of the best parts of traveling is that I clean my whole house for the dogsitter. I got invited to go to Del Mar, which is a bit north of San Diego, to the horse races next weekend. My date owns a racehorse, so it will be fun to see what horse racing is like from that perspective. I think the weather will be perfect. His timing couldn't be more perfect either, as I have been needing a get away.

Last night I texted a friend of mine who I've been keeping track of, off and on, for years. We dated a long time ago. He's been having lots of tests and x-rays and has been in the hospital off and on and isn't doing well. He's 6 foot tall and he says he weighs about 140 these days. They think he has bone cancer. He's five years younger than me. Fuck. He's a contractor and has been fighting this bad economy. He's moving into his shop downtown. Where do people get this strength, I marvel at what people can do.
So I'm sitting here in my massage chair and thinking, my life is very very good right now, which is a huge change of perspective just since Friday.

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