Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to tether HTC Incredible natively

The following information I did not create, but wanted to share this marvelous find. I'm posting the following instructions in case they are taken off of the forum which I found them on:

[HOWTO] Tether natively
Note: This is akin to the usual backdoor ways of tethering feature phones without adding the mobile connect feature... standard disclaimers apply, and I'll let the rest of you work on that discussion...

I saw the ##778 tip on another thread for the Eris, and figured it would work...

1) Dial ##778, SEND
2) EPST dialog comes up. Select 'Edit Mode'. Enter SPC (000000), hit OK.
3) Scroll to down to 'Security', select it. Change 'S.IP DUN User name' to (from
4) Hit back arrow to go back and go/select 'M.IP Default Profile'. Change 'DUN NAI' to (from
5) Hit menu button, and 'Commit Modifications', phone will save changes and reboot.

Modem drivers can be found on VZAccess Manager for Windows XP/Vista/7 -- the VZAccess executable will install the drivers when it first runs before launching its installshield runtime. No need to continue and install the actual software. *nix people can use their built in PPP dialers once they set up the right USB connection parameters to detect the phone as a modem.

Edit: This should help for Ubuntu users and possibly other Linux users:

Not sure about MAC OS users, perhaps someone else can comment.

This uses the 'Mobile broadband connect' option of USB connection. Simply make a DUN connection using the HTC USB Modem and dial #777. No need for username/password... can leave those blank.


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