Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sit, Stay, Make Mommy a Drink

Moxie has been pestering me lately to pleez pleez take her to obedience classes. Initially I thought it would conflict with her acting and dancing lessons, but hey, being the Awesome Dog Mom that I am, I conceded. Maybe after we get the doggy demons out of her head, we can get them out of mine. I'm pretty much married to the idea that Moxie should learn how to get the Sunday paper and my slippers. This, and other reveals, are being withheld until Moxie is invested too far to break her commitment. Then I'll need to actually subscribe to the paper and buy some slippers.

In other Moxie news, it's been no secret that she runs in an elite circle, and that Paris and Lindsey call to ask for fashion advice. After all, Moxie did invent the idea of getting out of limos without underwear (I have never been able to get her to wear them). This week alone she has been on two reality shows, which I am not particularly proud of, and my advice to her for writing her memoirs has gone completely ignored. In any case, Moxie has been vamping up her public image and I will keep you posted here forthwith.

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