Monday, October 20, 2008

shooting up

Jan and I celebrated her birthday by going to the shooting range, driving range, home for drinks, and then having Gary take us to Tlaquepaque for a kickass Mexican dinner. I suffered all night giving birth to my food baby. Ugh. me

Jan did pretty good for her first time shooting, and shooting such a big caliber gun. (40 cal and a 9mm) The lady at Target Masters was so helpful she put us at ease. I have never been to a gun range, only outdoors with friends. (i.e. blowing up tanks in the Black Rock Desert or killing Budweiser cans, and rightly so, in Mountain Ranch, etc.)

Yesterday, Gary and I went to Big Sur with Moxie who I've decided is an English Shedder, and of course I forgot my camera. It was sooo pretty. We stopped at the Maiden Publick House on Highway 1 where I tried a Belgian Beer, "Leffe" I think is what it was. It was tasty.

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