Thursday, January 29, 2009

A series of bad decisions...

Alrighty, a quick story I just remembered last night at Jack in the Box. It explained why I finally had to give up my treasured Ford Explorer Sport. I loved that car, two doors, zippy engine, short enough where I could truly see out the back to park, pop out windows that my dog couldn't jump out of in the back seat. Loved that car.

So, my story. I was home sick for a few days, wanted something other than orange juice or chicken soup to eat, and madly craving a soda in a paper cup with ice and a straw. Not kidding. Why is it that soda in to-go packaging appeals to me so much more than at home in a glass? I even like the sound the ice makes in the cup. But I digress.

I'm sick, in my jammies, don't even bother to put on shoes, I put the dog in the car, off we go to the drive through, yay! I want some of those 2 for a dollar tacos and a big diet coke to go! It's pouring down rain at night and this is what happens after I place my order in the drive-through:

My car dies. Dead.

Honk honk from behind, panic panic, a wave of feeling completely lame, and a large desire to start crying comes and goes in a flash. I look at what I'm wearing and it's horrifying. I'm in mis-matched pajamas, no shoes, no leash for the dog, no coat, no umbrella, what the fuck was I thinking? Honk honk honk.

For no reason at all my car started up after a few minutes. I got my grub and skeedaddled home. The end, that's my Explorer JITB story.

The problem could not be replicated at the dealer no matter how many times I brought it in, and it died on me a couple of times after that. I ended up trading it in on my Mountaineer which I adore, but wish it came in a 2 door.

RIP Explorer:
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