Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am obsessed

With my new Samsung Instinct. It's kickass! It's $99 after rebate and two year contract, not bad. Sprint's "Everything" plan is hard to beat. Let's see, how do I love thee phone? Let me count the ways:

GPS navigation
great camera
big screen
touch qwerty keyboard
landscape viewing of web pages
did I mention web pages?
full versions of "The Office" on Sprint TV
it plays TV!
it plays youtube
live search where you say something into the phone, and it will get a list of those things in your area
email - multiple accounts, push delivery
removable mini memory card for music, etc
it's also a music player
and it's pink

What I was stunned to find was that the phone came with a spare battery, which is in a case that the charger plugs into. So you can charge the spare battery without having to tie up the phone. The case is a nice touch too.

I was also stunned to find that the removable memory card was included.

All these nice things that were included and they didn't include the wrist strap. Oh yeah, you can put a wrist strap on it like a camera, and I think it'll help me from dropping it.


Anonymous said...

I'm hurt - no iPhone - ignore the fact that my battery dies in 4 hrs if I have everything on and I can't replace the battery and I have to use AT&T - I get to have a ton of games ;-)

Sharondippity said...

I have made the mistake of getting Sudoku on this phone. I may never sleep!

You're just jealous cuz mine's pink.

Luis Martinez said...

Sharondippity We miss you on Treonauts. Love your blog and get the Palm Pre and get back to us!! lol

Sharondippity said...

Hi Luis!
I just couldn't wait any longer for the Pre. I am certainly interested in it when it does come out.

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