Monday, July 20, 2009


I had the great pleasure of canceling my service with Comcast today. Oh now they want to give me a rate of $20/month and it's too late. When I called two months ago to see if they could find a lower rate for me, they said no. So now I have Dish TV. It's better and cheaper. The new wiring was done much better, and doesn't look like hell the way Comcast had it. I'm on slab, so the wiring has to run along the outside of the house, they used grey cable instead of the black coax that was there. The new cable is thinner too, and wraps better around corners.

Sunday, Jan and I had to finagle returning her golf clubs and getting new ones ordered from Golfsmith. (She's lefty) The store she went to in San Carlos was a nightmare, she should have yelped it first. The Golfsmith in Santa Clara is the polar opposite, and we were treated very well there. What a difference. The other store would not take her clubs back, but this one did. Lesson learned, yelp is your friend.
I have 6 massive mosquito bites that threatened to make me 100% insane instead of 99.8% that I already am. It's maddening. Luckily I have Benadryl Gel, it works right away and lasts about 3 hours.
Jan and I are going to the driving range again tonight. I've been bitten by the golf bug too. I must taste yummay.
ha ha

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