Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Blackberry Curve

Yeah it's been out a couple of years, but it's my new toy and I wuv it. It's super light, works flawlessly with Facebook and gathering all my online emails (gmail, hotmail, yahoo)but what I am absolutely geeky in love with, is the wireless updates it does with gmail's calendar (which effing rocks) and gmail's contacts. Wirelessly. SCHWEET.
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If you haven't tried out Google's calendar, take a look. What I love is the many layers of calendars you can have on one view. You can set up alerts at intervals you choose, to text or email you to remind you of an appointment. As far as I can tell, you can set up endless alerts too, like two weeks before, one week before, one day, one hour, one minute. I use the hell out of the alerts to remember when to give Moxie her pills, which is every three days. Try remembering that without help.

They say the geeks shall inherit the earth, right?


DanHo said...

Love Google's calendar. We use it to keep a family calendar. It updates both iPhones automatically. Total awesomeness.

Unknown said...
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