Thursday, November 26, 2009

What in the world did we ever do

scroll wheels on mouses (mice?)
wheels on luggage
wheels on garbage cans
(really, you'd think the wheel wasn't invented until 1960 or something)
re-sealable packages for food
cell phones
wireless routers
voice mail

Here's some things I think we've taken steps backwards on:
call waiting (completely bypassing the wondrous invention of voice mail)
plastic bottles for soft drinks (if you're old enough to remember the taste of Coke from a glass bottle you know what I mean)
having to pay for television reception (all we used to have to do is throw an antenna on the roof, it was free)
eliminating drive-in theaters (how economical for families is that,you bring your own food/drink and, you can be loud in your own car without bothering too many other people)
adding lotion to facial tissue


David Glantz, cPT said...

Uh, if it has a resealable package, odds are it's barely food.
But on that note, I still chuckle over my weekly buy of romaine hearts. Always in a zipper-seal package. And always the plastic is elsewhere filled with holes. DUH!
Oh, excuse me. DuuuuuuuhhhhHHHHH!
Much better.

Sharondippity said...

I'm going to remove the "uh" keys from your keyboard.

David Glantz, cPT said...

Why not? In 2004, I almost yanked the W from all my keyboards.

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