Saturday, December 5, 2009

Impressed by American Express

They were great when I first got their card in 1998, and then they went through a sucky period where I didn't like their service. Some issue I had with Paypal and eBay years ago, they were supposed to be better than VISA and were not, when trying to fix an online problem.

When I used to run my web design business, they would not give me a business account, but they let me get a separate card, which cracks me up. What the hell is the difference?

I recently noticed my old one had expired. I called to get a current one issued, and they treated me like a rock star. They had it overnighted to my house. Overnighted. WOW.

I think it's funny to use this card.
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David Glantz, cPT said...

I always found their service to be good but AmEx ought to be based upon their high charges to merchants on every transaction.
Oddly, I had the opposite experience on the business/personal side of issuing a card. They wouldn't grant me a personal account but a fledgeling startup named Dave Does DOS got a platinum card. Go figure.

Sharondippity said...

Dave Does DOS is a great name. Anyone at the startup named Debby?

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