Thursday, January 7, 2010

I cooked the butternut squash that Moxie captured for me

I was inspired by my friend Rhonda, who showed me how to microwave butternut squash at work, to learn how to cut up the darn thing. She cut her hand cutting the squash the night before, so I was certain I would too. I googled it. I got this youtube video. It helps if you have sharp knives, which I apparently do not. I did muscle through it safely and good gawd, this stuff is awesome. I added cayenne pepper, butter (fake) and salt. It's kickass. And, according to this site,
it's got a great calorie ratio and a bajillion times the amount of vitamin A you would need in a day.

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David Glantz, cPT said...

Easily done. Under five minutes to cube up one of those babies. Get yourself a simple knife sharpener. Ceramic or stainless mesh is nice for clearing off the burrs.
As for the simple recipe, you're spot-on. Less is more. If I had to live with just salt, pepper, olive oil and a few fresh herbs, I prolly could without issue. In the case of the butternut squash, I'd try a little nutmeg in there as well. Not the ground kind, though.

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