Sunday, February 28, 2010

How fun

What a Saturday. Started out at Norma's 80th birthday party, and ending up at Jan's for some dive bar crawling. Let's see, I ate spaghetti and chocolate cake at Norma's birthday, basically eating like a 5 year old, then ate bar food for dinner, hot wings, jalapenos with ranch dressing, fried cheese. Yikes. I better eat veggies today.

I was asked to speak at Norma's party, and tell a funny story. I told Debs that I didn't have any stories to tell, so she gave me full license to make one up, and make it spicy. Mmmmmmuhuuuuaaw. I managed to get a story with rehab, drinking, sex addiction, roofies, parachutes, smoking, curry, a new ride named Stormin Norma at Great America and stripper poles. I had a half and half audience, which made it even funner to do. Half were offended (yay) and half were laughing. I also managed to hook up Norma's sister with a nice glass of white wine, which I'm not sure she was supposed to have. She left dancing in her walker. My work there was done.

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