Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blood test

Monday I went to get some blood work done for my physical this year. Because I was fasting, I wasn't my usual sparkly self when I got there. No coffee, no food, no clue. I'm not squeamish so I was sitting there with my 100 yard stare when the tech told me to press down on my arm when he was taking the needle out.
The last time I had blood work done, I wasn't quick enough on pressing down on my arm and had a black spot the size of a quarter on my arm for about a week. This gets you asked what happened a lot.
I was very motivated to avoid that so WHAP I came out of my daze to press down on that bandage! The tech's gloved finger was still there but I was not going to let go! He pulled his finger out but the glove was still stuck, and he stretched the finger of the glove about 5 inches before it let loose. It SNAPPED his hand good and loud and the look on his face was one of fear and shock, how dare I try to keep his finger?!?
At this point I got the giggles, even though he clearly did not find it funny. The tech walked out for a moment. I was sputtering and giggling to the point I was crying. Unable to wipe my eyes since both arms were busy, the tech returned to find me furiously clenching my arm and tears flooding down my face. I'm pretty sure he thought I was insane. My argument against that would be weak, with blind eyes and no fur. Like a newborn puppy.

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