Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick like Eddie Vedder

You know when you get the feeling, you know, the feeling that you're getting sick, yet you ignore it? Well that's fine if you're on a stage singing to a hundred thousand people like Eddie Vedder in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco June 24th, 1995 amidst the city's 100 degree plus heat wave. Oh I was there all right, yes I was there in the bushes, lying on my $10 knockoff Pearl Jam tee shirt. It was the only shade in the entire park. Little did I know I was smack dab in the middle of one of the most favorite memories of my life.

Thank you Eddie Vedder for getting sick on-stage and leaving after only a couple of songs. It mattered not that my girlfriends and I had planned this two months in advance, and despite our diligent planning, the only room we could get was one that smelled like curry and had nailed the headboards to the wall. It was on Judah, but you knew that, didn't you, from the description.

Thank you Neil Young for coming on stage with your annoying nasal voice. (I would rather chew glass than listen to this man sing.)It gave us permission to leave and go back to our room to sleep off the heat and the alcohol.

When we woke from our nap we discovered a lovely neighborhood bar, that was in fact, having a POTLUCK, score!, and they invited us to eat there. We danced to the jukebox, played pool, ate and drank till we closed the bar. Directly after, the whole bar went to the beach and crashed someone's bonfire party there. They only spoke Japanese, so they could very well have been telling us to fuck off. No matter. We had so much fun. I think at one point we ended up at Seabreeze Bobby's house, which had a shell fence, no I did not imagine that, a shell fence. We drew on his dry erase board, got the creeps and then ran the hell out. Good times.

Man I'm bored. I hate being sick. Maybe there's someone in this universe who is having a great time because of it. I hope so.

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