Thursday, December 9, 2010

I threw up today

foh shizzle
And I'd rate it a 6 or 7 for form and speed, but it was sorely lacking in color or taste. Alas, it was only water and coffee. What a ripoff. I could've eaten an entire bucket of KFC and a mixing bowlful of  unbaked red velvet cake batter had I known I wouldn't have to worry about the calories.
if I had one minute to live I could easily eat all of this

  That would've been photo worthy. Moxie held my hair for me, good doggie.

Now let's talk about the headache.
this plus

 this = evil

 Oompa Loompas have taken residence in my sinuses and they are sand papering the walls behind my eyes. And pogo sticking while striking matches off the ceiling. While making animal shapes out of balloons and letting them pop. While listening to Neil Young sing "Southern Man", (which coincidentally sounds a whole lot like making animal shapes out of balloons). Busy fuckers.

posted on 12/08/2010

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