Monday, September 26, 2011

We did our own San Jose pub crawl

Myth in San Jose
A quick review of our light rail excursion to downtown San Jose Saturday night. First we went to Tanq, which I forgot to ask the staff there, is either pronounced "tank" or "tank Que". I like to think it's pronounced tank que.
In any case, we had these cute little hamburger sliders, which were 3 for $10. Such a deal. I also had a nice blue drink which I can't remember the name of. Next, we went to Eulipia, and had a kickass smoked salmon/cream cheese/flatbread thing which was a pretty good sized portion. I asked for a side of salsa to go with it and that turned out to be a really good idea. Their bread basket was impressive, yummy warm, and good for the steamed mussels and clams we ordered. We went to Mac's on Post street, then walked over to Myth. The decorations there were a big improvement over when Tiki Smoke was there. The food there is Greek style, so we split beef skewers and fries with feta cheese. YUMMY. Luckily we walked everywhere. After that we went to McCormick and Schmicks, where I had a Washington Apple, and then ended our excursion by going to Bijan Bakery for coffee, pecan tart, and a variety of chocolate snacks. 

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