Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weird text from 6250 "VZWNMN:1"

Verizon sent me this text, about 40 times in a 12-hour period. After researching online, it appears as it's a lame attempt to promote their cloud backup service, which happens to be free, called Backup Assistant Plus. If you log in to your Verizon account, choose "change features" and scroll till you find "Cloud Service for Media", remove the service , also scroll down further to "Cloud Storage - Sync (Email)" and remove it as well. Don't forget to save.

This should stop this annoyance.

Note: I do NOT use the stock email on my phone, I use individual apps for all my emails, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, that I downloaded from the Play Store.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I hope it works.VZN had no clue when I called them like 10 times lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this...I just went in and tried it and I really hope it works as well. Verizon is unable to solve my problem as well and I am getting texts all day starting at 4:30 a.m. so annoying

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will work thanks for your post!!

Unknown said...

Thanks it really was getting annoying! Lol

Sharondippity said...

Glad to have helped. Also, if you accidentally enable the backup assistant on your phone by going into the program, you will have to unenroll again.

Anonymous said...

I think it worked for me. I had a total of 160 messages. 3 per hour . Called CS and like other's have said they had no clue. I don't pay $200 a month to be harassed. Aholes.

Anonymous said...

It did work!! Thanks so much !!

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