Sunday, June 24, 2012

looky what I made


Anonymous said...

That's very nice... Are you planning to start your own line? or hang little trinkets off of it... I think that's what is en vogue nowadays...

Sharondippity said...

I might try adding trinkets. Naw I'm not going to start a line. It's just a hobby :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, clicked on this link when searching for Droid Razr issues. I'm getting the invalid credentials when i try to set my yahoo account or remove it. =) fun one so far. probably going to factory reset.

Anyway, like that you are a sports fan and thought, your trinkets could incorporate professional sport team colors?? always a fan favorite.

Play Safe,


ps. Nice Smile !!! Go Mariners !!

Sharondippity said...

Hi "G"
There are some solutions at

Stock email app is buggy, yahoo's own app on the market (google play) works fine for me.

I get all of my android questions answered there.

Go Giants!

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