Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I can only burp up to the letter "d"

I had all my windows down in my Mountaineer, this nice Tuesday morning, as I usually do after having Walter in the car. I hadn't pulled up to the left turn lane at the intersection, in time for it to turn green at the light change. There was a truck next to me, and when his light turned green, he remained stopped. I had just opened a can of diet Pepsi that I had left there from the day before. It was warmer than I had expected. I had just gulped a drink, and turned to see this truck stopped at a green light, and saw that the cute guy's attention was on me, not the light. His window was open, and just after I swallowed, I looked at him, pointed at his green light, and said "It's" then whoopsie! burped "greeeeen". Without breaking eye contact, he said with a smile "thanks!" He still hadn't moved, until he got honked at by the car behind him. He winked at me then drove on. Made my day.

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Anonymous said...

because you are HOT?

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