Thursday, July 30, 2015

angel hair cabbage plus bacon equals win

By no stretch of the imagination am I a cook. I'd like to share something I made that didn't suck.

Ingredients: bacon and pre-packaged angel hair cabbage.

Prep time is about 3.78 minutes. If you have craptastic rusty cake pans like I do, use aluminum. I used to be addicted to buffalo wings. I am so lazy I'd bake them and store the leftovers in the pan in the fridge. That's what caused the rust. Don't do this.

I made two pans because I was hungry. I should have only made one. Each pan has one package of angel hair cabbage.

Pile as much bacon as you can on top.

Throw it in your craptastic oven. As you can see I've set fire to food before. Don't do this either. 

Here's what it looks like if you set it at 400 like I did. Next time I'll set it at 375 so the bacon cooks more evenly. The cabbage is tender and very tasty and bacon is always good. Always.  You could get artsy fartsy and add craisins or something for a special occasion. 

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