Saturday, August 29, 2015

Big honkin planner

y new day planner. If you don't love day planners, you will not understand my glee over this indulgent purchase. I've had day planners ever since they were invented in the 1980's. My favorite store to go to used to be McWhorter's. I'd rather buy pretty paper and pen than clothes, and that's still true today. Recently I've been buying used binders on eBay since no one seems to use these anymore, which is fine by me. This is my first newly purchased planner in decades, so I decided to splurge a little.
Without further ado, I present My Favorite Leather Planner Evar. The man who made it has a store on Etsy, and he made this after recent surgery on his hand. (aww!)

The front

Inside flap
1.5" rings hold a lot

The back holds a notepad and a pen

The outer back

Looks good on my new desk

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