Friday, June 10, 2016

first smudge on undyed Van der Spek

And here we go :)
The first "imperfection" to my Van der Spek undyed leather planner. This is what one is to expect, even anticipate, when acquiring an undyed planner. This photo was taken in fluorescent light.

Towards the bottom, there is a new darkened patch which was the result of one molecule of coffee that dripped on it from the bottom of my coffee cup this morning. I immediately gave it a spit bath!  After waiting to see how my spit bath worked out, I could tell it was not going to lighten up to its original color. I squashed the idea of licking the whole planner and laughed at myself for even coming up with the idea. This was before having any of aforementioned coffee. I'm looking for other mishaps to mottle the finish on this planner, but I won't be doing anything on purpose.

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