Sunday, August 7, 2016

Planner "flat-ability"

It is one of my deal breakers with a planner if it doesn't open flat. It shouldn't be a contortion act to write in your planner, nor should you require 8 arms to grab all of your pages when you pop the rings open. Here are a few of my planners to show the levels of "flatability" :

Gillio Compagna in purple epoca, excellent flatability

Van der Spek Standaard Touch Me in purple leather.  Great flatability.

Day Timer Rose gold Mailbu personal size. Great flatability. 

Gillio medium Amica in aqua. Very good flatability.

Filofax The Original in patent nude, personal size. Fantastic flatability, the best I've experienced. 
New Classic Croc - amazing flatability, even with a full wallet pocket in the back

Filofax Cross in red aniline, personal size. Terrible flatability. 

Filofax Kingisher Blue Malden, personal size. Excellent flatability


Anita said...

I absolutely agree! My first Filofax was a cherry Classic & it was always a struggle to write in.

Cori Large said...

My DayTimer Personal Rose Gold lays flat with no issue. I wonder if it's because it's empty?

Sharondippity said...

The rose gold Daytimer does have stuff in it, maybe you meant another planner?

S. Yates said...

I'm trying to find out whether the POCKET size Classic Croc lies flat, before I order one! Is yours the pocket size Sharon? If so, my question is answered.

Sharondippity said...

This post is all personal sized planners. I think Filofax's site shows the pocket lying flat in its photos.

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