Monday, December 26, 2016

Filofax Mini Flatability Comparison

My Filofax Mini collection has grown; all but two were pre-loved. I finally found a brand new Malden mini on the UK eBay site. Out of all of them, only two had any flatability whatsoever. They're wonderful as wallets, and as you can see, I only collect those that have the full wallet pocket in the back.

Cross, Chameleon, Amazona in bone, black, red, Topaz, Malden

Only two in the whole bunch will stay open at all and perhaps this is because of the wallet pocket.
Malden and Topaz

The rest of them close right back even after pressing open
My goal in the next two years is to simplify my life that I'll only need a mini planner to use as both a wallet and planner. The only two I can see out of this collection to use for this are the Malden and Topaz.

In case you missed it, here's my credit card holder hack.

The Amazonas are so glamorous I will make them work no matter what!


S. Yates said...

Hello there from England. I, too, like the Mini format, and it's amazing what you can fit in them. I only have two, but would like more, a grey Malden and a red Amazona which is my favourite. I've tried a variety of ways to get it to lie flat, and I think I am getting there slowly. It's definitely a case of perseverance. Love your blog. All good wishes for 2017.


Anonymous said...

Squeeee! I am so excited to read about your mini plan! I agree the Topaz mini does well, and I actually tried out the Amazona mini for a while with OK results. They are truly lovely. Landed here via Philofaxy. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year! : )


Sharondippity said...

Thanks, Steve! Do you have a blog you could link to?

S. Yates said...

No, sorry no blog for me. I only use email, which you should have I think. Keep up the good work with your blog. All the very best for 2017. It's very wet and dull here. California sounds a whole lot better haha!

S. Yates said...

If you search "Mini" over at Philofaxy, there is a superb post by H P Fuchs about his brown Amazona Mini. It shows just what you can do with a mini format. Very inspirational.

Sharondippity said...

Heather! I just now noticed your comment. Yesh, as you know I've made some orders with you (said in sing-song voice). I will post photos of my mini with inserts after I get them :)

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