Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pocket-sized planner flatability

Here's a post just for pocket planners, and when I find my Van der Spek, I'll add it. It's hiding somewhere. (*found the VDS, added to the end ) All of my pocket planners have the full back wallet pocket. 

From left to right, here are my pocket sized planners: Gillio in purple epoca, Filofax Malden in ochre, Filofax Malden in crimson, Filofax Malden in purple, Filofax Amazona in red croco.

The crimson Malden leather is stiffer than the other Maldens, but I bought it brand new in box, so I expect it to soften up more. 

The purple Malden lies the flattest of all of the Maldens, loving the ring size 19mm
The Gillio has excellent flatability, the best card layout , but the rings are smaller at only 15X12mm

The ochre Malden has good flatability

The Amazona has bad flatability, but not enough for me to not use it. It's so pretty I forgive it.

And here is my elusive Van der Spek. Excellent flatability

Here's the Van der Spek compared to my pocket Malden

Van der Spek on top, Malden on bottom

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S. Yates said...

Thank you for this, Sharon, it was certainly useful. I have a couple of Filofax models the same as you, and mine are pretty much like yours as regards flatability. Maybe it's because I'm a very light user, and certainly not all day every day, and so my binders don't get bedded in so quickly? I have to say that paper flying everywhere when I pop the rings, or needing more than two hands to hold everything down while I write is very annoying and I know that's one of your pet hates too.

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