Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Van der Spek Junior in old stock Touch Me leather as a wallet

I bought this directly from Van der Spek a couple of months ago, and for awhile I was using it as my personal planner. Since I recently combined both my work and personal planning systems into one planner, I'm using this junior (Filofax pocket equivalent) as a wallet and card carrier, plus it holds my phone
It's very flexible, so it can actually hold my giant phone in it

since I have a case with a rubberized bumper, it does not slide out

top view- the color shown is not accurate

this shows the color more accurately, and see how it opens completely flat


Steve Morton said...

That looks more like the old Touch Me leather in purple which is very smooth and shiny, rather than Janet Leather which has not been available in Purple or Blue.

Sharondippity said...

Aha, and here I thought that Touch Me was the layout. I will correct my title post-haste.

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