Thursday, October 18, 2018

Junior Van Der Spek in Foresto Croco

This is my sweet perfectly green colored croco printed leather planner from Van Der Spek. It is a custom order, and I added that sweet fat strap by requesting it in the comments on the order page. (They will invoice your PayPal for the 25 euros extra).

And I just KNEW that by the time I posted these photos I'd be in another size planner... and I AM haha.

In any case, I adore this planner, I added secretarial pocket on both sides, (meaning that they are not attached at the top edge, making it easier to get in/out), and a fly leaf which I ended up not using due to precious ring space.

I have written down a task in my planner to make another post describing my latest planner madness. Madness I Tell You!! It's almost too embarrassing to admit to, but I vow to overcome my shame.

I like that the card holders are on the left, as I predominantly write on the right side. To save ring space, I have a vinyl card holder tucked in the right secretarial pocket.  Which as I write this, makes me realize that I have cards on both sides so never mind.

When you custom order at Van Der Spek, you have to remember to add the back wallet pocket. I absolutely have to have it to keep my 3 one-dollar bills safe.

I got these frosted dividers from MarlenePlans2Create on Etsy. I used my Dymo label maker black on clear

I got these MOTP inserts from ThePaperStarfish on Etsy.

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S. Yates said...

Bravo Sharon, a beautiful planner. In my opinion Van Der Spek is the best. I bought an "off the shelf" one last year and I haven't been out of it since. They are so well designed. Looking forward to your next post already!!

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