Monday, February 4, 2019

Janet Leather Brown (JL104) Custom Un-widened A6

Van Der Spek!   My latest order arrived today- let me tell you the shipping delays only added to the excitement. (yet I'd never choose it on purpose). Here's my fractured order info - I had forgotten the left secretarial pocket, and two other items I had to request via email since not on the website menu: 

Added to this order was the forgotten left side secretarial pocket, a big fat A4 sized strap, and a custom credit card holder. 

I wanted a more substantial but not bulky, credit card holder with space to put paper currency in. This request is due to my unease of opening my planner in public to make purchases. Not only is it awkward, it makes me feel exposed as I write personal items in my planner. Instead, I can grab this and leave my planner in my bag. This size credit card holder makes me less worried I might lose it.

It has three slots on each side, on opposite ends so it may lie flatter in its pocket:

The rest of these photos show the same features as my last A6 un-widened custom order from Van Der Spek, but added even more width to the strap:

This strap!!



Steve Morton said...

Very nice indeed. I like the credit card holder, very neat.

I'm in the process of designing a new A5, but I'm patiently waiting for Petra to get the Dark Brown JL in stock.

S. Yates said...

A thing of beauty to be sure Sharon. I love VDS and wish they did a Mini with Filofax rings. Your recent posts detailing your most recent acquisitions have been great. Hope you continue to share with us all.

Steve Yates

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