Saturday, June 13, 2020

Duck Egg Filofax Malden with Franklin Covey Compact Inserts

Wowee! The new Malden colors are yowza- I had to buy the mini also, just because I can't stand how cute it is. They still have the annoyingly small pen loop, but I did find a pretty gel pen that fits and writes well.


sk8r grrl said...

Hi, i am new to planners and so far i really like the aesthetic of the Malden. i am writing on Feb 5/22 & wondering how much you like the Maldene, pros or cons? And which size is this one? Thank you for your helpfulness! kari f in Victoria, BC Canada. aka: sk8r grrl

sk8r grrl said...

i think my comment disappeared!
Hi, i am new to planners & doing a bit of research before deciding size & brand. I really enjoy reading your blog & your photos.
Wondering whether you could let me know your pros/cons of the Malden, & which size your Duck Egg is? So far i'm considering a Malden personal size, perhaps larger as i haven't yet held one in my hands so not decided.
Thank you for your kindness & gracious help in my research! Cheers! kari fox, Victoria, BC Canada

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