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This page is dedicated to my first dog love of my life, Moxie. 1998- 2012. She was a spicy, challenging, conniving, scheming, fixated, running beauty. She gave me the freedom to run at night (my favorite time to run) and of course, the freedom from being lonely. She was my touchstone. Her antics and her spiciness were both challenging and entertaining. I have never mourned more in my life than when having to put her down. It was devastating and I was paralyzed from pain for two weeks, and barely functional for four more. I have no regrets, and know I gave her the most comfortable ending to her life. I miss her every fucking day. Every. Fucking. Day.

The following I wrote before her demise:

I adopted Moxie December 13, 1998 when she was 11 months old, from the Santa Cruz SPCA.

She keeps her figure by running, okay jogging, with me on a regular basis. We stop a lot so that she can read her peemail.

Here is a list of things that Moxie has eaten:
  • a five and ten dollar bill left on the coffee table
  • an entire box of incense, a $1200 visit to emergency room was a bonus. I was incensed
  • dryer sheets
  • Cosmo magazine that had perfume inserts
  • cat poop (about a thousand times)
  • an entire party sushi platter, including the tube of wasabi, while I was in the shower getting ready for my party. I've never seen her sneeze so much
  • a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage, frozen solid left on the very back of the counter to thaw. She ate it in the time it took me to go to Orchard Supply and back. It's five blocks from my house. I consider this a tie with the sushi platter, as her personal best in both Time and Volume categories
  • a frozen loaf of bread left on the counter to thaw. Pattern is detected
  • numerous pears from the pear trees in the back yard. Nicknames Sargeant Farter and Gaseous Clay are born. One day I came home to find her collar hanging from the tree. Both trees were cut down.
  • my Algebra homework
  • my 2007 W2
  • a printout of all my passwords that I had to enter into another file since the original file was corrupted. (I have about 45 passwords for work and website logins etc.) I picked up each tiny bit of paper (Moxie doesn't actually eat paper, she just chews it up), put them in a bag, took it to work and glue sticked that baby back together onto a manilla file folder. Luckily it wasn't printed double sided.
  • 90% of the heirloom tomatoes I was growing in the atrium in the summer of 2008
  • countless rolls of toilet paper
  • half a bar of soap
  • a berry scented candle. Boy was I relieved she wasn't actually bleeding out of her mouth
  • sheetrock from the base of the water heater
  • sheetrock from the inside wall of an unfinished front door when I had the sidelight taken out
  • an avocado left unattended by my friend Jeff who was watching Moxie, he pointed out that she was smart enough to not eat the pit
  • a mango also went missing during his stay 
  • she attempted to eat a butternut squash, but was unsuccessful

Dog is my co-pilot

Moxie likes to sing to the theme song from "Third Rock from the Sun"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
Sorry to hear about Moxie.
I know you were crazy about her and cared about her very much. I got to know her and despite her age and anger tendencies she actually liked me and I enjoyed playing with her. Funny how she howled over The Who song, never could figure that out..
Glad to see you got a new dog, cute! That's the best medicine. My dog Riley is doing great for 9 yrs and actually am taking care of my daughters little bechon Buddy as well. I bought a house last year so have room for them now.
Take care, best wishes,

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