Thursday, April 20, 2017

Franklin Covey Compact in Gillio Amica with 30mm Rings

Uhm, no, the 30mm rings do not work for me due to the increased overhang. Back to 25mm rings .....

Monday, April 3, 2017

Custom-made hand-tooled leather planner

Swoon. I'm obsessed with this new custom planner by JMR Custom Leather on Etsy. I sent 30mm Krause rings to him use in this beauty. Just LOOK

beautifully braided stitching on the edges 

J.Mark Rhoades (he goes by Mark), the artist who made this allowed me to share some insight into his inspiration:
My craft is old school leather carving/tooling. The designs are actually hand carved and tooled into vegetable tanned saddle leather. Everything is done pretty much one at a time. Most leather products that people are familiar with from retail type stores are actually embossed/stamped with  hydraulic presses in mass production facilities. Mass produced embossing simply cannot achieve the depth, texture and detail of hand craftsmanship. My patterns are derivations of "Sheridan" style carving that was developed by master saddle makers in Wyoming.
I began tooling leather as a hobby a few years ago and made items for family and friends. Over time, I began selling a few custom order items. I am still employed as a full time college professor, so this limits the number of items that I can offer for sale. However, I hope to expand the business very soon and will be launching my own website Star Mountain Leather in May. -
J.Mark Rhoades

Krause rings, and fits Franklin Covey compact sized inserts, elasticized pen loop



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Filofax Mini Malden set up

I am still trying to get accustomed to using this mini planner. It's so cute, the inserts I've purchased are so cute....yet....

I am having issues with actually writing in it. I usually enjoy writing my plans and ideas. Writing in this makes me not quite tense, but something close. Hmm

Here are some photos for comparison to my other Maldens:

personal, pocket, and mini

You can see the color variations in the ochre between the planners. The mini is darker which is fine for me.

I don't keep any change in the zip pocket, but it's a good place to hang a charm. I have a Fisher Space pen in the loop.

I bought these cute dividers from DannysPlannerCuties

I purchased all of my cute inserts from VanillaFolders, including this dot matrix paper

I have to have an Oli clip in it :)

I cut a checkbook sized card holder to hold some business cards and car registration in the back wallet pocket

It doesn't lie as flat as the pocket
I am still drawn to my pocket planner even after setting up this cute mini. Hope you enjoyed this comparison 

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