Monday, October 14, 2019

Back in Franklin Covey Compact

What the ever-loving-eff?! Here's my explanation in a nutshell: I miss pre-decorated pages and beautifully colored tabs... That's it! I couldn't hold out any longer. If there were an option for A6 size, I'd buy a room full of the pages. Franklin Covey makes a "pocket" size which has the same A6 hole punch, but the pages are too narrow to match any other pages available out there. I'm NOT going to hand make all other pages- not happenin'.

I've resurrected my custom-made planner and have adopted Franklin Covey's daily pages. The best feature is the "daily notes" page on the right hand side. Perfect for a right-hander, and more perfect to journal in daily. I have a journal in my first planner from the same Etsy shop, which is simply filled with Franklin Covey compact lined pages. Having a separate journal meant I would only journal sporadically; sometimes months would be between entries.  Now I will have pre-dated entries, meaning if you drop your binder you won't cry as long putting it back together.

Here are both together, the further one is my previous journal:

Since the planner lacks in card holders, I love that my VDS card holder fits nicely on one side- its bulk helps in keeping the pages away from the pen loop when closed. I like taking this card holder out prior to shopping - it holds all necessary cards and small amount of cash- and I can keep my planner in my handbag.

 Franklin Covey makes a nice card-holder/pouch insert which holds other less-used cards.

I have been journaling every day now- 

Beautiful tabs for their month on two pages:

I purchased the frosted side-tab dividers from DividersRUS on Etsy, and asked that their Personal Wide size be left un-punched. I trimmed them and hole-punched them myself. I kept the fly-leaf that came with it, in its original size to keep pages from getting caught into the back pocket with my card-holder. I bought the bottom-tab dividers from a store that is no longer open on Etsy.

I still LOVE the grid paper I get from Handy Forms . I originally found them on Etsy but can't find the link there, luckily it's easy to find on Amazon.

In about a month I'll be receiving my custom VDS and will post photos of it here and on Instagram. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying this beast :) 

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