Monday, July 8, 2019

YACP (Yet Another Custom Planner)

Maybe you've noticed that I like the color red 😍. Here's more evidence of my affliction:

My latest custom VDS Un-widened Senior (A6) in burgundy Janet Leather. It has the same configuration that I have been using for the previous customs..A4 closure strap, full back pocket, ring protectors, and both sides have secretarial pockets. This and the previous senior I bought in red Italian are 25mm rings - and again UN-WIDENED. (VDS automatically widens the planner for the bigger rings, without any special request- see the dimensions on their website )

This time I asked for extra foam instead of stiffener. BEST IDEA EVAR

The burgundy is on the right prior to moving in. The left planner is my Italian red VDS that I skipped posting about -maybe because I am a little mad at myself for not ordering completely correctly- I mistakenly clicked "yes" for stiffener 😥 (The red Italian is otherwise perfect and since being used, has actually become molded exactly to the shape I want)

I'm grateful that I stalked photos in the Facebook VDS fan group to see burgundy JL in other photos. It's NOT burgundy, it's a dark, cooler red. I actually do not like burgundy at all! And luckily, this color doesn't have the brown or purple undertones that I find icky in a true burgundy.

Here's a group shot of the red leathers I have purchased at VDS in the Senior model:

From left to right, top to bottom: 1) JL red 20mm rings with A4 widened strap, 2) Papavero Croco 20mm rings with A5 widened strap,  3)JL burgundy 25mm rings with A4 widened strap,  4)red Italian 25mm rings with A4 widened strap. The JL red (1)is quite orangy and bright- the "burgundy" (3)is darker and has a blueness but not so much as to make it purple. The croco and Italian reds are the truest reds. The croco and the Italian leathers have a shiny finish and therefore come already with a patina. The JL leathers are very squishy and the pieces I have, have a sheen that I love.

Hopefully this answers some questions you might have for some of the different red leathers available at VDS.

-----edited to add more photos of the JL "burgundy" :


S. Yates said...

Nice photos, thank you Sharon. VDS certainly make wonderful products with lovely leather too. Even their "non custom" items have well thought out designs. The secretarial pocket has to be the best invention ever? Thanks again.

Is this it now for your growing VDS collection?

Sharondippity said...

Steve, I'm doing a major de-stash right now ..and no spending for a couple of months to save for a battery storage system for my home solar panels $$$$ !! Wish me luck

S. Yates said...

I love the idea of what you're saving your dollars for, but what price beauty? I'm sure you'll soon have your battery storage and then we can all look forward to seeing a growing VDS collection!!

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