Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not digging it

Leaky roof, leaky dog, leaky eyes. I had a melt down Tuesday evening when the leak from my roof caused a hole in my ceiling. In my bedroom. I saw the leak Monday morning, drip...drip, very slowly by the corner of my closet nearest the atrium. Call a roof repair guy recommended by my boyfriend. He'll come by Tuesday. Tuesday, he finds the cracked seam and says I'll fix it tomorrow. Relief was short lived when my sheet rock started falling apart near the leak Tuesday night. Fiberglass, sheetrock and acoustic ceiling matter plunked down on my head as I looked up at a newly formed crack. A hole I could see right through to the timbers holding up the roof. F word. Melt down. Boyfriend Gary to the rescue. I was in a drug induced coma Tuesday night when Gary heard/saw another chunk about to fall down making an even bigger hole. More blankets and buckets, a then moving my brand new precious mattress to the side bedroom. I keep a side bedroom empty, and now I am very grateful. The damage is isolated to the sheet rock in the ceiling, and my psyche. The roof was fixed yesterday, and I have a drywall guy coming next Friday to replace the damaged sheet rock, remove any wet insulation, remove all the acoustic popcorn and re-texture the ceiling to match the walls. It will cost me $320 for the interior work, and the roof repair cost $315. Thank goodness I know a contractor to recommend good home repair people.

From Pot Pourri

So my side bedroom is truly a bed room. Three to four feet around two sides of it only. But it is very cozy, white and beige and serene, which I really need right now.

Tonight Jan and I will do an extra vigorous workout and tomorrow evening it's dinner with friends. Therapy.


Mac said...

Sorry to hear about your disaster! I had a pipe freeze and burst last year, which flooded and broke through the ceiling above my garage, dumping sheetrock and a mess onto my Vette. Not fun and very expensive to fix.

Haven't seen you at the CAC lately. I hope everything's okay?

Sharondippity said...

Mac, that was over a year ago, and I'm very glad it's past me.

I don't visit CAC much, Rob the admin needs some manners. It's like being in a men's locker room as it is, and when the admins act like jackasses, I won't waste my time there.

Mac said...

Those of us on the 'inside' have told him as much but not much else we can do; it's his website.

I hate to see good folks like yourself drop out but when it ceases to be fun, you're right to back away.

Take care of yourself!

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