Sunday, May 3, 2009

Roller derby on my birthday

Let's see, we started by getting spray tanned at Exotica in Los Gatos, then to Cin Cin- a wine bar near there, to meet the Andersons, then went to Teske's downtown where we had a huge plate of German sausages and big beers, then to Roller Derby on Blossom Hill, which was SO MUCH FUN, and then back to Teske's for more big beers and fun. Jan was in rare form, and Henry honored us by wearing a nice suit and tie and was our DD. We owe Henry big time for putting up with us and driving us all over. This was a spectacular birthday to say the least.

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Dshoward said...

Awesome roller derby - hope the day and night was a blast without the hangover

Sharondippity said...

Had so much fun, without a hangover too.

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