Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bijou in Hayward

Last night, I met up with the Andersons and the Von Busacks at Bijou in Hayward, where our good friend Jay Crabb works. What a beautiful place, I really like the decor. The food was spectacular, as was the company, to say the least. I enjoyed three artisan cocktails made by Mr. Crabb himself. Out of the three my new favorite is the Kachumber Cooler.

"A symphony of unique flavors star in this truly "culinary" cocktail! Fresh jalapeno, cilantro, cucumber, hand-pressed lime juice and your choice of Right Gin or Patron Tequila."
I had mine with gin. It was kickass.

Today was more pedestrian. Did chores and worked on a presentation I'm giving tomorrow for 50+ people.

I started my day getting my favorite drink at Fourbux, grande non fat latte with sugar free vanilla and an extra shot. I'm very suspicious of this drink. I think they're lying to me about the fat free and sugar free. Yet I go back.

Moxie and I ran today for the first time in ages. AGES. I think it might be two months since we went for a run. It felt AWESOME. Moxie is exhausted and I think very grateful. I wuv Moxie.

Watching the photos on the Jim Lehrer hour show tonight, of the fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. So damn sad. Why does Marine Corps sound exactly Marine Corpse in my head right now? Not funny, I know. I'm just so sad. They were all 19, 20 and 21 years old. Babies. Those babies are dead now. Dammit.

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