Monday, November 9, 2009

Random thoughts

First thought, bird seed. Funny name for bird food. Yes it's seeds, but we don't call dog food, dog grain and dried meat protein, or cat food, cat fish, or human apples just because humans eat apples. And you don't plant bird seeds to get birds. My point, it should be called bird food.

Another puzzlement, is really, where is the bird seed (food) industry? Who farms and packages the bird seeds? I have never seen a sign to a place claiming to be a bird seed factory or bird seed farm. It's a mystery.

I have been addicted to Netflix instant movies, been watching old Columbo and Amazing Stories. I also have Alfred Hitchcock Presents in my queue. I must have watched six shows yesterday, maybe more.

I actually did get out and about this weekend, on Saturday. Went to Santa Cruz for Mexican food and then to Soquel for some wine tasting. Also to Beauregard which is a bit out of the way. Why does Mexican food always put me into a coma? It's worse than Thanksgiving day food.

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