Saturday, July 23, 2016

GIllio Amica medium in aqua - unboxing

The Gillio White Box 

The blue bag has their inserts 

The Gillio gift box

The Amica layout, it's perfect for my Franklin Covey compact sized pages

The credit card slots are stitched.  I don't typically use them for credit cards, so I put a card that I rarely use in one, to show how nice and deep the slots are.

I stuffed it 

This weekend shows "post office 7am" , which was to pick up this new planner :)

The medium Gillio Amica on the left in Aqua Epoca as compared to the Van Der Spek Standaard Turquese untreated Nappa. I will never order untreated Nappa again, it is not good for something you touch with your hands. The color of the VDS is nice but the leather sucks.

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