Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Uplate on un-dyed Van Der Spek

I treated my undyed Van Der Spek with neatsfoot oil because it had been feeling so dry. This particular planner was purchased from the Van Der Spek marketplace on Facebook, previously owned but unused. This planner was created without stiffener, so you can see the dents that occur between the spine ring mechanism and where the inner pockets create added thickness. This doesn't bother me very much, as I like that this gives it a rugged character. I used a wide brush to apply the oil and then rubbed it vigorously with a cotton cloth. I did two treatments and when the slight smell subsides I plan on moving back into

I had an idea that in the future, an undyed could be made into any color and then sealed, to make a unique planner, hmmm my mind is now thinking of the possibilities.


Unknown said...

Oil makes leather soft and cold and dull. Shoes lose their insulation with oil. Therefore, shoes are not oiled, but waxed. Perhaps wax would have been the better solution.

Sharondippity said...

I can certainly try that. I'll post pics when I do

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