Friday, July 15, 2016

My Filofax Mini Obsession

Why oh why did Filofax discontinue the mini size? They're perfect for a wallet. I'm now up to three, this latest is this light blue cross.


S. Yates said...

I know it's a bit late for leaving comments on this, and I apologise, but I've only recently found your blog. It is a great pity that Filofax no longer make the Mini, but there are some nice ones on Ebay UK, so I guess it would be the same in the good old USA? I think you would like the Finsbury model.

Love the Corvette by the way. What a stunning looking car. 5.7Litre?

Sharondippity said...

Yes, 2001 with a removable top. I sold it in 2014 with only 41,000 miles on it after owning it for 13 years. I was soooo stressed keeping it absolutely perfect, and the ride is not very comfortable. Tires cost $1500 a set, can't be rotated since the backs are bigger than the fronts, and only last 22k miles. I was on my third set of tires when I sold it.

It looked brand new the day I sold it as it was a garage queen. It was a fun fun car, and I'm glad for having it for as long as I did. When it sold I was actually more happy than melancholy since I no longer had to worry over it.

I enjoy looking at pictures of it so I keep them up.

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