Monday, October 29, 2018

Custom Senior (UN-widened)! A6 from Van Der Spek

Absolute perfection!

The pictures below will show how to arrange side tabs towards the top of the rings so they don't interfere with the pen loop.


Sorry for the shouty caps, I am simply Over. The. Moon. (imagine much breathy-drama-filled voice)

This is what I ordered from Van Der Spek:

What doesn't show on the order is the request I made for the fatter closing strap (eeeee!), which is done by requesting it in the comments of the custom order. VDS then invoices you 25 euros for the feature, in my case- via PayPal.

The back wallet pocket is very tidy without warping

Some shots showing how the side tabs are working wonderfully in this un-widened senior

Just move the side tabs to the top of the rings yasssss

So much beauty:

With the left sides aligned, this shot shows the width difference between the Gillio A6 and this VDS un-widened senior

I think this perfect and beautiful planner will at least pause the crazy train I've been on. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this size feels in the hand. I love its rounded corners, the not-too-shiny finish, the color, and the exact amount of extra strap length to have the strap not look stretched when closed.
 I have it a bit overstuffed at the moment as I hurriedly moved all in from my Gillio A6. I have more blank paper in there than I need - and will fine tune the contents. 

Already I am thinking of my next color in this same configuration. Stop it Sharon!


Unknown said...

Thank you for doing this comparison! It was very helpful for me to see this visual since I’m currently trying to find the perfect A6. And since I’ve never owned a nice leather binder, I have no biases for or against a particular brand, but very little knowledge. It looks perfect.

Sharondippity said...

Thanks for the comment :)
It can be intimidating to make a custom order, so hopefully this helps if you choose that route.

Tonya said...

Hi Sharon! The red color is absolutely gorgeous!

Sharondippity said...

Thank you Tanya oh, I know that red isn't for everybody but it definitely is for me!

Feld Effekt said...

Hi Sharon,
Well done with your order for this gorgeous VDS organiser! It looks stunning and very handy at the same time. Just the perfect match for one EDC item. I hope you enjoy it a long time to come and when you get the same model in other wonderful colours.. you could switch them throughout the year for more variety. I have my compact zip Filofax in 3 different colours and use each of them for the same 4 months each consecutive year/ for spring and start of Summer, black for Summer and start of Fall, berry for end of Fall and Winter.
Have a lovely day! Greetings from Germany. Sylke

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