Wednesday, October 24, 2018

quick and dirty comparison of the new Gillio Medium Compagna XL to other models

As the title states, this is a quick and dirty post, which I fully intend to circle back to and update.

This first picture, top to bottom, left to right:

A6 Compagna,  Slim Medium Compagna,  new Medium Compagna XL, original Medium Compagna

 This is a top side by side view of the XL (left) and A6

This is the side view of the XL with Franklin Covey Compact inserts, with side tabs and pen, after switching the rings to 25mm

Top -down view of the XL with Franklin Covey Compact inserts with side tabs and pen, and again, I have switched the rings out to 25mm

My first thought after holding the Medium Compagna XL, is that I absolutely hate HATE the feeling of the wider back plate to the rings.

These are initial feelings, I will update this post later-

Added- difference in width between original Medium Compagna to the XL, in cm then in inches


Steve Morton said...

A question for you. Can you measure in mm the overall width when open from edge to edge of the Medium and the Medium XL to see by how much it has been made bigger to go from 25mm to 30mm rings.


Sharondippity said...

I uploaded two photos to show the difference in cm and inches-

Tara said...

Thank you for your post! I hadn't realized the backplate is bigger for XL

Songbird said...

Hi - I don't see the updates to this post you referred to. I am especially curious if you got used to the bigger ring backplate?

Sharondippity said...

Actually no, I keep trying to move back into the XL and move out. The Amica ismuch softer and it feels better.

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