Thursday, March 21, 2019

Red Janet Leather VDS Un-Widened Senior

ops, I did it again..another VDS un-widened senior (A6) - this time in Janet Leather RED yeahhhh.

I asked for extra pebbly, and foam "stiffener". It really should be called "squishy-ner". It gave it the squishiness I love so much that my Gillio Amica has.
you're gonna want to enlarge these photos..



time to switch from my trusty brown...

all moved in 

squish squish squish

nice and tidy back wallet pocket


Steve Morton said...

Love the red JL.

Tammy said...

This is gorgeous! Love that you ordered ring protectors! ;)

Anonymous said...

Does the fc compact inserts fit a vds senior un-widened planner? I am considering getting a vds planner that will fit my fc compact inserts. Was wondering what size of vds planner to get. Thank you.

Sharondippity said...

This particular planner is an A6 size and Franklin covey compact will not fit this. The size you want to fit Franklin covey compact is the standard. If you look on my site there a lot of pictures of the standard size with my Franklin covey compact inserts

Tammy said...

Anonymous, If you join the Facebook "Van der Spek Organizer Fans" group, there have been a lot of posts including pictures of standard binders with FC compact inserts. FC pocket inserts are punched the same as a VdS senior. FC pocket fit great in a VdS custom senior without widening.

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